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Organizational Development Resource Group

Program Highlights

ODRG combats Human Trafficking through its Awareness and Capability Building Program

ODRG launches 1st ever HT training and capacity building program for 150 nurses, psychologists, social workers, law enforcement, and counselors in one of the highly ranked states known for HT.

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ODRG partners with HHS to develop a Workforce Awareness and Culture Transformation training.

The interactive series called, “Workforce Awareness and Culture Transformation,” enables employees to self-reflect and engage with one another to develop and sustain purposeful relationships.

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ODRG partners with DoD Field Activity Talent Management Directorate

As the Enterprise focuses on their succession planning efforts, ODRG continues to successfully establish training activities and programs to develop and retain aspiring and emerging leaders to fill critical positions in the near future.

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DOC Export Control initiatives to comply and enforce the Export Administration Regulations

ODRG assists in coding, issuing export licenses to approved issuers for the export of controlled commodities, software, and technologies.

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The management consulting services we provide our customers support the organization's strategic direction, drive efficiencies, and enhance employee engagement resulting in a better performing organization.

Program / Project Management Support

You easily can implement and execute your highly visible programs successfully with an assist from OD Resource Group program and project support services:

  • Program & Project Planning and Execution
  • Strategic Planning and Development
  • Data Collection and Analysis
    Governance Structure Committee
  • Policy and Procedure Development
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Critical Success Factors

Organizational Development (OD)

What causes and sustains problems in organizations? OD Resource Group partners with your organization to apply the behavioral sciences in identifying the behavior patterns and interpersonal interactions often invisible in the “norm” of your organization’s daily performance. We work closely with our customers, making sure it’s not the “isolated” behaviors, alone, and the organization receives the full suite of easy-to-use techniques, to develop customized OD programs; structures, systems, and processes that address the root of the challenge. Our OD improvement services are designed to enhance the organization’s overall health, yielding effectiveness and high performance.

  • Organizational 360-Degree Assessments
  • OD Methodology and Approach
  • OD Interventions and Action Plan
  • Leadership Assessment
  • Executive Coaching
  • Facilitation
  • Performance Metrics and Success Factors

Human Capital Management

Organizations must have the right people, at the right time, in the right places to execute the business strategy. We collaborate with our customers to align their workforce with the strategic direction of the organization.

  • Human Capital Strategy
  • Human Capital Management
  • Employee Engagement
  • Human Capital Analytics
  • Workforce Planning and Analysis
  • Change Management

Information Technology (IT)

We understand Information Technology is both the enabler and heartbeat of an organization. We connect with our customers through a unique approach to IT, resulting in a leaner, faster, and stronger organization. It’s not just an integrated approach—it’s the best customer experience.

  • Requirement Gathering
  • Workflow analysis and development
  • Content Management System Design and Support
  • Web Design and Development
  • Helpdesk Support
  • Section 508 Accessibility

Strategic Communication & Multimedia

Our robust communication and multimedia disciplines deliver measurable results. Unparalleled multimedia and strategic communication expertise on the leading edge helps you seamlessly plan, develop, and execute results the customer needs. OD Resource Group helps you determine your objectives, develop your message points, simplify your message, and get the action you need from your constituents, private or public:

  • Communication Planning, Development, and Executive
  • Communication Evaluation
  • Graphic Design Support
  • Branding and Materials Development
  • Technical Writing
  • Campaign Development and Implementation

Training and Learning Solutions

We provide full lifecycle training and learning support services, employing adult learning solutions that produce a highly-competent workforce and continuous professional development. Our interactive learning solutions and training delivery deliver a more engaged, productive, and committed workforce, ultimately enhancing the organization’s performance.

Services include:

  • Training Analysis
  • Curriculum Development & Instructional Design
  • Facilitation (computer-based & classroom instruction)
  • Training Evaluation (formal and informal)
  • Training Facility Support Services
  • Catalog of Professional & Leadership Development Courses
  • Program Performance Metrics

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